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SOLSEAL Liquid Applied Systems

Solseal liquid applied waterproofing systems offer a complete solution for all damp proofing, basement tanking and general structural waterproofing requirements. Our range of cold applied liquid coatings can be coated by brush, spray or roller.

Liquid Gas Barrier
Flexible Liquid Membrane
Primer PU4
Solseal LGB can be used to protect most building surfaces from the effect of liquid and water vapour, carbonation and as a gas barrier to prevent the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Radon. As the product is a barrier to moisture it can be used as a DPM on floors and walls.  

Solseal Flexible Liquid Membrane (FLM)
is an all-weather, single component polyurethane liquid coating that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to produce a seamless flexible and elastomeric waterproofing membrane


Primer PU4 is a one component polyurethane primers that cures with the humidity in the atmosphere. Especially designed to enhance the adhesion of polyurethane high solids products on porous Non-porous substrates.

Solseal LGB Data Sheet   Solseal FLM Data Sheet   Solseal Primer PU4
Material Safety Data Sheet   Material Safety Data Sheet   Material Safety Data Sheet PU4

Liquid Asphaltic Coating

Roadcoat Barrier

Aqua Barrier

A liquid applied, high performance bituminous solution modified with synthetic polymers used to form a waterproofing membrane for above and below ground concrete, brickwork and blockwork   Solseal Roadcoat Barrier is a cold applied two coat oxidised cutback bitumen damp proof coating which when cured forms an impermeable water and water vapour barrier   Solseal Aqua Barrier is a two-component liquid applied Epoxy resin Coating, which dries to forms a tough, Waterproof / Humidity (Class III) barrier & chemical resistant membrane
Solseal Liquid Asphaltic Coating
Data Sheet
  Solseal Roadcoat
Barrier Data Sheet
  Solseal Aqua Barrier
Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet   Material Safety Data Sheet   Material Safety Data Sheet
(Part A & B)
HP Emulsion/Primer
Bitumen Primer
Solseal HP Emulsion/Primer is a solvent free rubber-asphaltic emulsion used to form a waterproof elastic film for priming and preparation of services.  

A range of Bitumen primers suitable
for use with the SOLCO range of Waterproofing & Gas Protection Systems

  SOLSEAL PB-2K is a fast-curing, two component, bitumen-extended polyurethane fluid. It produces a highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces and excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Solseal HP Emulsion/Primer
Data Sheet

  Solseal Bitumen Primer
Data Sheet
  Solseal PB-2K
Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet   Material Safety Data Sheet